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Tax Treaties - a fairy tale?

Grant Wardell-Johnson's observations on the progressive timeline of tax treaty developments across different nations and the OECD recommendations coming from the treaty report.
Modified date: 19/09/2014
Business and industry issue; Regulatory update

Two key OECD BEPS recommendations to address tax treaty abuse

Jenny Wong examines the OECD's recommendations to address tax treaty abuse.
Modified date: 18/09/2014
Regulatory update

TP documentation & disclosure for country-by-country reporting: are you ready?

Damian Preshaw takes a close look at the OECD's BEPS Action Plan release on transfer pricing documentation.
Modified date: 17/09/2014
Regulatory update

OECD first BEPS recommendations represent a balanced approach: KPMG

KPMG responds to the OECD’s first recommendations to the G20 on its 'Base Erosion and Profit Shifting' ('BEPS') project.
Modified date: 17/09/2014
Press release

BEPS and the developing world – the Brazilian perspective

Grant Wardell-Johnson shares insights on BEPS and developing countries gleaned from a seminar with Brazilian BEPS expert, Professor Flavio Rubinstein.
Modified date: 17/09/2014
Regulatory update

Capital management’s shifting landscape: will the ATO change its ways?

Neil Lamb speculates on how proposed changes to the Corporations Act will affect the ATO's approach to capital management
Modified date: 11/09/2014
Regulatory update

Share buybacks – proceed with caution

Julian Humphrey and Vanessa Yung consider some of the potential tax risks and pitfalls involved in share buybacks
Modified date: 9/09/2014
Business and industry issue

SGC delay: short term budget fix, long term policy consequences

Damian Ryan analyses the implications of the SGC schedule amendments contained in the MRRT Repeal Act 2014.
Modified date: 8/09/2014
Business and industry issue; Regulatory update

Tax in the Cloud: A briefing for Tax Directors

This report addresses a number of direct and indirect issues, challenges and opportunities that can arise when adopting cloud services.
Modified date: 5/09/2014
Survey report

Standard Business Reporting: Computers talking to computers

Tony O'Reilly explains the rationale behind Standard Business Reporting, designed to improve interaction between government and business.
Modified date: 4/09/2014
Regulatory update
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