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ATO focus on non-resident transactions

Ben Opie advises non-resident taxpayers on how to engage with the ATO regarding the Australian tax implications of their activities.
Modified date: 16/04/2014
Regulatory update

Tax reform essential to maintain Australian social compact: KPMG

Australia needs tax reform if the social compact between taxpayers and government is to be maintained over the next decade, KPMG warns today.
Modified date: 15/04/2014
Press release

The great tax expectation gap

John Salvaris talks to a fellow traveller about the benefits of developing a clear tax risk management strategy for their organisation.
Modified date: 14/04/2014
Regulatory update

Are you on-time and electronic?

Tony O'Reilly explains the ATO's Tax Agent lodgement requirements, and how KPMG is ensuring that our clients meet them.
Modified date: 11/04/2014
Regulatory update

Employee Payments in a Mergers and Acquisitions transaction?

John Bardsley highlights some issues to consider regarding employee payments following mergers and acquisitions.
Modified date: 10/04/2014
Regulatory update

Mining and exploration rights – Watch out for transitional provisions

Bill Sfikas discusses the mining and exploration rights as depreciating assets under a number of transitional provisions.
Modified date: 9/04/2014
Regulatory update

Is your tax currency functioning?

John Irwin highlights the challenges and advantages of functional currency rules in preparing dual-ledger financial reports in a non-AUD currency.
Modified date: 8/04/2014
Regulatory update

Continued uncertainty and compliance for PRRT taxpayers

Catherine Pollard highlights the increased compliance and substantiation obligations currently facing PRRT taxpayers.
Modified date: 7/04/2014
Regulatory update

PRRT – Don't forget the Non-Tax Bits

Carlo Franchina reveals the potentially significant impact that PRRT can have on the value of petroleum projects, and how non-tax teams can help.
Modified date: 7/04/2014
Business and industry issue; Regulatory update

Exploration Development Incentive – A step in the right direction

Craig Yaxley distils the main features of the government’s Exploration Development Incentive discussion paper.
Modified date: 2/04/2014
Regulatory update
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