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Getting on board with cyber and digital security

KPMG hosted a panel at the 2014 CeBIT Conference to discuss how companies can help the board understand cyber and risk security.
Modified date: 23/07/2014
Business and industry issue

Cyber security – the five most common mistakes

This white paper provides insights for management to get the basics right on cyber security.
Modified date: 23/07/2014
White paper

Cloud Computing

A series of KPMG publications that address the challenges and opportunities facing users and providers of cloud.
Modified date: 23/06/2014
Publication series

Challenges to Cloud Adoption

As more organisations realise significant benefits from the adoption of cloud, the importance of cloud to the CIO agenda can no longer be questioned.
Modified date: 23/06/2014
Press release

The cloud takes shape survey: the implementation challenge

We examine how organisations are gaining insight into the potential benefits of cloud and the challenges of adopting these evolutionary technologies.
Modified date: 16/06/2014
Survey report

Cyber threat intelligence and lessons from law enforcement

Identifies 3 principles that will help organisations manage cyber threats proactively and minimise the risk to customers, shareholders and employees.
Modified date: 16/06/2014
Business and industry issue

Cloud as an enabler of innovation

KPMG hosted a panel at the 2014 CeBIT Conference to discuss how IT professionals are using Cloud to deliver innovation in their organisations.
Modified date: 11/06/2014
Business and industry issue

Heartbleed – Indentifying and managing the risk

This factsheet discusses Heartbleed, a vulnerability within OpenSSL (software used by websites and network devices to provide secure connections).
Modified date: 19/05/2014
Business and industry issue

Innovate or get left behind: high cost of IT complacency

A look at the high cost of IT complacency and how using Cloud services can deliver innovative outcomes.
Modified date: 7/05/2014
Business and industry issue

Modelling the Economic Impact of Cloud Computing

KPMG has found that the benefits of cloud on operating and capital expenditure could generate IT savings of 25 and 50 percent respectively.
Modified date: 22/08/2013
Benchmarking study
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