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Service reviews for local government

This KPMG report looks at how service reviews can help local governments assess their current program and service offerings.
Modified date: 22/12/2014
Business and industry issue; White paper

Municipal Reference Model

KPMG looks at how the Municipal Reference Model becomes an integral tool to help local government adopt new approaches to service delivery.
Modified date: 22/12/2014
Business and industry issue; White paper

eGovernment for local government

This KPMG paper looks at how eGovernment can improve access to and the efficiency of local government services.
Modified date: 22/12/2014
Business and industry issue; White paper

Understanding the City Deals approach

In this video series, KPMG Australia Partner, Paul Low, explores the UK approach and discusses its relevance to Australian infrastructure planning.
Modified date: 19/12/2014
Business and industry issue; Video

City Deals

This series explores government-led initiatives and topics related to the adaptation of the UK City Deal approach to Australia’s strategic needs.
Modified date: 12/12/2014
Publication series

UK City Deals: supercharging economic growth and productivity

A comprehensive introduction to the UK City Deal model produced by the Property Council of Australia and KPMG.
Modified date: 12/12/2014
Business and industry issue

A New Vision of Value

This report explores the increasing connections between corporate and societal value creation.
Modified date: 9/12/2014
Business and industry issue; White paper

Cities Infrastructure: A report on sustainability

This report captures innovative concepts and practical insights from KPMG publications to provide a definitive review of sustainable cities.
Modified date: 26/11/2014
White paper

Introducing UK City Deals

James Stewart, Global Infrastructure Chairman discusses City Deals, a radical new approach to infrastructure priority-setting, funding and financing.
Modified date: 18/11/2014
Business and industry issue; Video

Rethinking regulation in the human services sector – unleashing value

We explore the tools and frameworks regulators need to help deal with new market-driven funding and delivery challenges for human services.
Modified date: 13/11/2014
White paper
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