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Insights on Real Estate Investment Trusts

This KPMG report covers key regulatory, tax and legal rules for the establishment of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in 20 countries.
Modified date: 17/03/2015
Business and industry issue

Australia Day Property Update – January 2015

KPMG provides an overview on general market trends, tax updates and the Australian property market.
Modified date: 5/02/2015
Business and industry issue

Impacts of MBI decision to other contracts

Megan Croaker talks about the uncertainty arising from the MBI Properties decision in respect of arrangements other than property leasing.
Modified date: 23/12/2014
Regulatory update

High Court docks developer on land

Matthew Stutsel teases out some of the implications of the High Court's recent ruling regarding stamp duty.
Modified date: 11/12/2014
Business and industry issue

What if the “going concern” goes?

Matthew Stutsel explains what the removal of the ‘going concern’ GST exemption could mean for business.
Modified date: 20/12/2013
Regulatory update

Syndicators will be punished by landholder rules

Cullen Smythe concisely analyses the jurisdictions surrounding landholder rules and regulations.
Modified date: 27/06/2013
Regulatory update