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Frontiers in Finance

Frontiers in finance is a regular publication from KPMG's Global Financial Services practice.
Modified date: 25/06/2015
Publication series

Valuation Practices Survey

Our annual survey provides insight into the methodologies adopted by Australian financial analysts and corporate financiers and how they are applied.
Modified date: 5/06/2015
Publication series

Valuation Practices Survey 2015

Our 2015 survey report provides insight on Australian valuation practices. This is a follow up to our inaugural survey released in 2013.
Modified date: 5/06/2015
Survey report

Global Debt Sales: Third Edition (Australian snapshot)

This edition considers an array of ‘non-core’ debt sales, including performing and non-performing loans, and insights into trends and opportunities.
Modified date: 1/06/2015
Business and industry issue

Valuation Practices Survey 2013

Our survey provides a unique reference for corporate financiers, infrastructure funds and consultants performing valuations in the Australian market.
Modified date: 1/06/2015
Survey report

Insurance Review

KPMG's annual General Insurance Industry Review includes financial results of general insurers that represent a significant part of the Australian market.
Modified date: 19/01/2015
Publication series

Is our tax framework right to attract infrastructure investment?

Angus Wilson examines the Productivity Commission’s draft report on Public Infrastructure, identifying some implications for Australian tax policy.
Modified date: 9/10/2014
Regulatory update

FATCA Update

This series provides an update on the status of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).
Modified date: 8/05/2014
Publication series