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Share buybacks – proceed with caution

Julian Humphrey and Vanessa Yung consider some of the potential tax risks and pitfalls involved in share buybacks
Modified date: 9/09/2014
Business and industry issue

SGC delay: short term budget fix, long term policy consequences

Damian Ryan analyses the implications of the SGC schedule amendments contained in the MRRT Repeal Act 2014.
Modified date: 8/09/2014
Business and industry issue; Regulatory update

OBU reforms – be bold and ambitious

John Bardsley advises financial institutions to consider whether they are getting the full value of the offshore banking unit (OBU) concessions.
Modified date: 25/08/2014
Regulatory update

Combatting tax uncertainty

Brendon Lamers advocates for early consideration of the tax implications of transactions, to prevent tax headaches later on.
Modified date: 13/08/2014
Business and industry issue

There's no avoiding a dividend washing crackdown

The party ends for tax payers benefiting on the equity yield strategy, dividend washing (dividend 'double dipping'). Now is the job of cleaning up.
Modified date: 7/08/2014
Business and industry issue

Thin capitalisation changes – time to reassess

Scott Farrell outlines some issues to consider regarding the recent changes to thin capitalisation rules.
Modified date: 25/07/2014
Regulatory update

Retirement products – a new chapter

Alia Lum looks into the possible future for retirement products, in light of the recent FSI interim report and Treasury discussion paper.
Modified date: 22/07/2014
Regulatory update

Australian property market: the heat is (still) on

Tony Mulveney outlines some tax considerations for investors in Australia’s booming property market.
Modified date: 21/07/2014
Regulatory update

Australia's Energy Financing Challenge

This report provides a wide-ranging perspective of the key immediate, medium and long-term challenges facing the Australian energy sector.
Modified date: 14/07/2014
Business and industry issue

Change afoot impacting RPS funding from Japan

Stuart Dall shines a light on a recent BEPS discussion paper from the Japanese government, which could impact Australian and Japanese businesses.
Modified date: 14/07/2014
Regulatory update
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