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Portable long service leave levies: can resources entities be liable?

Trevor Pascall alerts resource companies to a potentially nasty surprise regarding liability for long-service leave levies.
Modified date: 21/07/2014
Regulatory update

Australian property market: the heat is (still) on

Tony Mulveney outlines some tax considerations for investors in Australia’s booming property market.
Modified date: 21/07/2014
Regulatory update

Taxation of real estate investment trusts

This summary sets out the key regulatory, tax and legal rules for the establishment and operation REITs in all major jurisdictions.
Modified date: 31/01/2014
White paper

Special purpose vehicles drive DIP investment

Peter Mallyon discusses the Tax Loss Incentive for Designated Infrastructure Projects ED, and its implications for tax consolidated groups.
Modified date: 14/05/2013
Business and industry issue; Regulatory update

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