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  • Date: 23/07/2013

In search of a better customer experience: mobile market study 

A study of the global telecommunications mobile market revealed key learnings about the growing importance of the end-to-end customer experience to win and retain customers and suggests that those who differentiate here will keep them for the long term.

KPMG undertook a 'mystery shopping' study on the $US770 billion mobile prepaid market utilising it as a proxy to understand how telecommunications carriers are performing in the area of customer experience.


The study involved sampling, comparing and testing firsthand the customer experiences across 106 providers of prepaid mobile services in 25 countries and multiple channels across the value chain including retail, contact center and online channels, as well as the product offering and the top-up experience.

The report offer insights into how operators are performing when it comes to delivering a superior customer experience.


Key insights

  • MVNOs are leading in customer experience in certain key areas
  • Significant opportunities for telcos to differentiate themselves on customer experience
  • Customers are looking for simplicity and consistency in products and the experience
  • Innovations emerging from developing markets.

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