• Industry: Agribusiness, Food, Drink & Consumer Products, Retail
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 24/06/2013

Consumer Executive Top of Mind Survey 2013 

How are consumer company executives navigating this complex and changing environment? Faced with competing priorities and challenges, which issues are at the top of their agendas? Is strategy being driven by competition, new markets, innovation or survival? What roles are collaboration and technology expected to play? What markets hold the keys to the greatest growth? And what risks and unknowns are causing them the most concern?
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In March/April 2013, 442 leaders of the world's largest consumer companies were asked what issues are 'top of mind' for them.


Executives surveyed were asked to identify and rank their three top issues, and report how those issues are expected to impact their companies' profitability, plans for growth, and business strategies over the next 1–2 years.


These priorities can be filtered by country and region in our interactive priority issues chart.


Key insights

  • Driving revenue, profits and growth are at the top of the consumer executive agenda.
  • There is a continued focus on operations as a lever to fulfil growth and reduce costs.
  • More powerful consumers are seen as an opportunity.
  • Businesses are grappling with technology.
  • Companies are focusing on product and brand to drive sales.
  • Responsibility and regulation issues are a particularly high priority for the food sector.


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