• Industry: Automotive
  • Type: Survey report
  • Date: 13/09/2011

Competing in the Global Truck Industry 

Competing in the Global Truck Industry
The global commercial vehicle market is at a crossroads, forcing manufacturers with global aspirations to rethink their business models and strategies.

KPMG’s Global truck industry study reveals the most recent truck market developments, key challenges and future winning strategies to succeed in a rapidly changing international truck industry.

One thing is for sure: global market leadership will heavily depend on the truck maker’s success in emerging markets.

Competing in the Global Truck Industry: Emerging markets spotlight

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    Key focus areas

  • Developments in the global commercial vehicle market.
    • Challenges for commercial vehicle manufacturers.
    • Winning strategies for a successful future.
    • Emerging truck markets: China, India, Russia.


The study has been compiled by the KPMG Global Automotive Practice in cooperation with the Institut für Automobilwirtschaft (Institute for Automotive Research).



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