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  • Date: 2/09/2013

Changing nature of super funds' relationship with the ATO 

The past 5 years has seen increased investment by the ATO in superannuation and industry-focused reviews.

There is an increased level of scrutiny and interaction with the ATO for large superannuation funds. Depending on which risk profile quadrant applies, superannuation funds now interact with the ATO either periodically, via special topic risk reviews or continuously, as a participant in the ATO’s real-time review and monitoring program.


This article by Dana Fleming looks at the changing nature of superannuation funds’ relationship with the Australian Taxation Office.


Key insights

  • The ATO’s Risk Differentiation Framework approach has created a more transparent model.
  • Taxpayers can better understand the level of ATO scrutiny and interaction that they can expect.
  • There is an increased level of scrutiny and interaction with the ATO for large super funds.
  • Super funds need a robust tax risk management framework, integrated with a risk appetite statement, to minimise the impact of ATO reviews on your business.


The article first appeared in Superfunds magazine, June 2013.


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