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  • Type: White paper
  • Date: 20/09/2011

Australia's resources boom: the infrastructure ripple effect 

With up to $380 billion worth of projects in the pipeline, the resources sector is having a dramatic effect on the Australian economy, including creating an extraordinary demand for infrastructure investment. Managing this investment need is proving a challenge for Australia’s Federal and State Governments.

This publication gives an overview of current remote infrastructure projects within Australia and looks at the effect on industry of trade, technical and professional skills shortages.


Key insights

  • The funding of Infrastructure projects remains a challenge. There is a large funding requirement to build this infrastructure. This represents good opportunities for investors interested in investing in Australia’s remote infrastructure needs. Recycling of capital will be required. We will need private funding to build, operate and maintain the associated infrastructure.
  • Australia’s resources boom continues and there is continued and growing demand for our resources particularly from China, India and South Korea.
  • The current and ongoing skills shortage remains a challenge that needs to be addressed and has the potential to hamper Australia’s ability to maximise the benefits from the resources boom.




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