• Industry: Energy & Natural Resources, Power & Utilities, Financial Services
  • Type: White paper
  • Date: 17/08/2012

Australia's Energy Challenge: Creating the right investment environment 

A secure and affordable electricity supply is central to maintaining a strong economy and preserving Australia’s collective quality of life. To successfully meet the challenges for Australia’s long-term energy security in a globally competitive landscape, Australia needs innovative finance solutions, an efficient market, effective policy and reporting tools that support the attraction of capital.
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KPMG discusses the evolving energy landscape in Australia particularly challenges facing energy producers, large energy users and both local and offshore capital markets.


We hope this discussion will assist relevant organisations and potential investors in understanding and responding effectively to these challenges.


Key insights

  • Australia’s energy financing challenge is complex. With tightening debt markets, a clear and detailed picture of the financing requirements and where they need to be focussed would assist the capital markets, energy producers and governments to make appropriate investment choices.
  • Further development of the energy market framework is a critical success factor for attracting investment in Australia’s energy sector. Such a framework should integrate energy policy with other important economic value drivers and align with the respective energy policies of different levels of government.
  • A whole-of-system approach demands closer policy alignment across federal and state jurisdictions, and between energy and other policies. Present approaches to renewable energy, transmission planning and operation, network ownership and smart metering lack national focus.