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  • Date: 4/05/2010

KPMG Econtech Report: CGE Analysis of the Government's AFTS Response 

The Australian Treasury provided the government's policy parameters for tax reform to KPMG Econtech who then independently modelled their economic effects. KPMG Econtech was not involved in the policy development, while the modelling was independent of Treasury.

The report is published here at the request of the Australian Treasury and on 4 May 2010 was extended (but not otherwise changed) to include the capital stocks and employment impacts (see Section 5 of the report).


A summary version of this report is available.


CGE Analysis of the Current Australian Tax System by KPMG Econtech


The Australia's Future Tax System (AFTS) Review Panel commissioned a series of analytical papers to explore significant tax and transfer policy issues.


An analysis of the current Australian tax system was conducted by KPMG Econtech using the MM900 computable general equilibrium (CGE) model of the Australian economy.


The study looked at the efficiency costs of Australia's major federal, state and local government taxes.


The report is available on the AFTS Review website at


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Reform in Focus: Henry Review Report and initial government response

Reform in Focus: Henry Review Report and initial government response
This brief provides KPMG’s analysis of key implications for businesses arising from the Australia’s Future Tax System Review released on 2 May 2010.

Tax Reform

Tax Reform
Active throughout the reform process, KPMG provides analysis and insight into the key elements of tax reform currently underway in Australia.