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  • Date: 9/11/2010
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Video: Healthcare reform – comparing UK and Australia 

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Healthcare reform


Dr Mukesh Haikerwal: Health in Australia is evolving and is amongst the best systems in the world but to maintain the sustainability of that system, we have to change the way in which we do things today.


There are many challenges that we face with the population, the new technologies that are out there, the expectations and the need to do better in safety and quality.


All these require significant sustainability and investment.


Dr Mark Britnell, KPMG Global Head of Healthcare: Over the last decade, the two principal achievements of UK health reform have resulted in a reduction in waiting times and an improvement of health outcomes. The central lesson to learn from UK health reform is to make sure that clinicians own and lead change.


Often politicians implore professionals to make the changes but at the end of the day when the music stops, it’s the clinicians that have to make that change stick.


Dr Mukesh: The work of the NHHRC was quite loud and clear about the need of amore joined up system. We need to have a system that ascertains clearly who’s responsible for what so we get the best bang for our buck.


Dr Mark Britnell: There are many similarities between Australia and the United Kingdom; an ageing population, technological and also therapeutic advances.


I think the biggest difference to my mind is there’s a much greater private public sector mix in Australia that presents both opportunities but also causes many different challenges as well.


I think one of the principal lessons that Australia can learn from the UK is our system of integrated care, running from hospital specialists to general practitioners. In the UK with a single funding system, it makes it easier for clinicians to collaborate to produce better patient care.


Dr Mukesh: One of the key drivers to healthcare reform in Australia will be the adoption of modern technologies or e-health into our system.


We can learn a lot from the United Kingdom and how they went about this process and by using the clinicians and indeed the consumers for whom they care in the process of planning, with a hand on the steering wheel, it means that we can a system that people can agree to and get the best usage out of.


How KPMG Can Help


Dr Mark Britnell: In just the same way that healthcare is truly globalised, KPMG provides services across the world operating out of 143 countries, employing over 140,000 staff. Our healthcare credentials are second to none.


We help insurers, providers, clinics and government and we advise all around the world, bringing our global knowledge to bear for client benefit.

This video briefly compares the Australian and UK health reforms, identifying similar challenges and key lessons that Australia can learn from the UK experience.

The video features comments from an Australian perspective by Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, former President of the Australian Medical Association and a well respected industry opinion leader, who was also a commissioner with the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission.

Dr Mark Britnell, KPMG’s Global Head of Healthcare and one of the UK’s most influential voices in healthcare, provides the UK perspective.

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