• Service: Tax, Topics, Tax Reform, AFTS Review
  • Type: Business and industry issue, Regulatory update
  • Date: 25/05/2009

Delivering value - Tax reform for the 21st century 

In this follow-up submission to the Australia’s Future Tax System (AFTS) Review, we continue the analysis on corporate tax systems by focusing on the practical consequences of pursuing a particular corporate tax system in an Australian context, such as allowance for corporate equity or a cash flow tax system.
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We also explore how corporate-shareholder integration systems have been implemented in other countries. It is our objective that this submission can contribute to the debate in this area by offering a tax practitioner’s perspective on the implementation of these systems.


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Tax Reform
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AFTS Review (Henry Review)

AFTS Review (Henry Review)
The Henry Review examined Australia's tax transfer system to help deal with demographic, social, economic and environmental challenges.
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