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  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 18/10/2011

INSIGHT: The global infrastructure magazine

INSIGHT: The global infrastructure magazine
Local, regional and global perspectives on the key infrastructure challenges impacting governments, businesses and sectors worldwide.

INSIGHT: Urbanisation 

Urban infrastructure is one of the most pressing challenges facing the world today. More than half the global population lives in cities, and this figure is set to rise to more than 70 percent before 2050 as a further three billion people move to urban areas in search of work and prosperity.
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This second edition of INSIGHT magazine examines the current challenges of urban infrastructure across the globe.


Over 30 articles explore a number of critical topics, including:

  • developing infrastructure in urban growth markets
  • incentivising infrastructure investment
  • building Special Economic Zones
  • unlocking the power of smart metering
  • reducing urban congestion
  • aid agencies and infrastructure
  • decarbonising urban personal transport
  • privatisation of urban infrastructure
  • cities and climate change.

This edition also features a city leader special report including interviews with 10 civic and executive leaders from around the world, focusing on how they are meeting the challenges of urban infrastructure within their cities.