• Industry: Financial Services, Superannuation
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 15/12/2011

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Frontiers in Finance Supplement: Operational excellence in focus 

Faced with the challenge of maximising value for members, achieving operational excellence is critical to superannuation and pension funds and by extension to the future success of the superannuation and retirement incomes industry. By enhancing efficiency, superannuation and pension funds are able to maximise their financial outputs, reduce operating costs and generally optimise gains to members.

Key insights

  • There is large differential in superannuation and pension funds’ operating expenses as a share of total investments between different countries.
  • The most commonly used techniques and methodologies to achieve operational excellence are process / cost optimisation, lean, mergers / collaboration and asset pooling.
  • Key amongst these best practices is the need to achieve a cultural change.



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