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  • Date: 17/05/2013

Frontiers in Finance

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Frontiers in Finance – Growth in difficult times 

It is difficult to form a clear judgment about the state of economic performance and its impact on the financial services industry. Recovery in one place is offset by further gloom elsewhere. Perhaps the 'new normal' which everyone is seeking to define will simply be characterised by continuing uncertainty and unpredictability.

    Financial services firms therefore face a twin challenge. They need to develop new business models for the new, post-crisis environment; but it remains unclear exactly what this environment will look like. At the same time, they have to rebuild turnover and profitability. Efforts to reduce costs and improve capital efficiency are failing to feed through to higher profits due to low interest rates and higher regulatory demands. 



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  • Rethinking operations: Embracing transformation in a rapidly-changing market.
  • Unlocking the opportunity within: Predictive analytics and modelling in Insurance.
  • Pivot, tweak or pounce: Strategic challenges in wealth management.



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