• Industry: Financial Services, Banking, Investment Management, Insurance, Superannuation
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 27/02/2012

Frontiers in Finance

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Frontiers in Finance – Forging Forward 

The worst dangers of the financial crisis have given way to political and regulatory reaction on perhaps an unprecedented scale. But major uncertainties remain. Banks, insurers, investment managers – all face a future which will be as different as it is currently obscure. The focus of this edition of frontiers is on what can be done to forge forward in this environment.
Frontiers in Finance - Forging Forward cover
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Key insights

  • Global round table: Regulation hots up.
  • Brazil: The new hotspot in investment management.
  • Rogue trading: Controlling the risk
    Customer remediation: Getting it right once you’ve got it wrong.
  • Cutting through concepts: Extraterritoriality.
  • Insurance: Finding growth opportunities in uncertain times.




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