Example Financial Statement resources 

KPMG produces a range of resources to assist you in the preparation of your annual report in accordance with Australian financial reporting requirements.

Example financial statements for public companies


Example Public Company Limited: illustrative disclosures 2015-16


Australian-specific resources for public companies


Operating and Financial Reviews 2014
Enhancing remuneration reporting
ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (Third Edition)


Example financial statements for superannuation entities


Example Superannuation Series 30 June 2014


Australian Financial Reporting Manual


Australian Financial Reporting Manual 2015


International resources


KPMG’s insights on applying International Financial Reporting Standards.

Insights into IFRS

IFRS Guides to financial statements

IFRS Guides to financial statements:

Illustrative disclosures for:

  • Interim periods
  • Investment funds
  • Banks

Disclosure checklists for:

  • Annual periods
  • Interim periods

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Better business reporting

Better business reporting
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Cutting the clutter in financial reports

Cutting the clutter in financial reports
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Accounting and Reporting Webinar Series

Accounting & Reporting Webinar Series
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Financial Reporting & Accounting Standards

KPMG has extensive experience in applying accounting standards, both Australian accounting standards and IFRS, to a range of transactions.