• Industry: Media, Technology, Financial Services, Banking, Investment Management, Insurance, Food, Drink & Consumer Products, Retail, Telecommunications
  • Date: 13/02/2012

Consumers and Convergence

Consumers and convergence
This annual KPMG survey reports on the use of converged technology by consumers globally, surveying more than 5,600 consumers in 27 nations.

Consumers and Convergence 5: The Converged Lifestyle 

Convergence is not new - but the way consumers interact with technology is constantly changing. Today, consumers are talking about how technology enables their lifestyle, from buying goods on their mobile phones, to keeping up with friends through their social networks. Consumers are increasingly looking to new technologies and devices to help them get what they want, when they want it.

The speed of consumer adoption is on the rise but with rapid adoption comes rapid change. Business models are quickly evolving for a range of businesses including advertisers, retailers, content providers, mobile operators, banks and television.


Key insights

  • Consumers show an increasing appetite to adopt new technologies and business models.
  • Consumers continue to express strong resistance to paying for online content and services but the majority are willing to trust advertisers with personal information in return.
  • Consumers' buying decisions are strongly influenced by online customer feedback/ratings sources.
  • Growing concerns for data privacy and security are the biggest barriers to new business models.

Further information

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