• Industry: Agribusiness, Food, Drink & Consumer Products, Retail
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 30/06/2011


ConsumerCurrents examines topical industry issues and global trends for senior executives at consumer goods companies, suppliers and wholesalers.

ConsumerCurrents - Issue 11 

This edition of ConsumerCurrents is an essential read for companies faced with challenges in their supply chains. The cover story looks at how price volatility and uncertainty in food commodities may be undermining the entire industry. Another article on supply chains proposes how companies may overcome some of the most daunting of their supply chain challenges.
ConsumerCurrents - Issue 11 cover
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Key insights

  • India has reached a tipping point with fraud and corruption
  • China changes all the time, and if you're not up to speed you risk being overrun by local competitors
  • Some major retailers are perpetual innovation engines - it's hard for others to catch up
  • Many have focused only on cost and getting the chain as lean as possible, however it should not be so lean that there is no flexibility.



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