• Industry: Agribusiness, Food, Drink & Consumer Products, Retail
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 5/04/2011


ConsumerCurrents examines topical industry issues and global trends for senior executives at consumer goods companies, suppliers and wholesalers.

ConsumerCurrents - Issue 10 

What’s in a name? For many of our Food, Drink and Consumer Goods clients – many of whom have invested significantly in their brands, in some cases for decades – the answer is simply 'everything'. But brands are facing a new challenge, not just from other multinationals with sharper marketing budgets or fresher ideas. This time, the adversary is brands’ retail partners.
ConsumerCurrents - Issue 10 cover
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In this issue

  • Record numbers of retailers employ smell to influence behaviour. But does it deliver – or get up customers’ noses?
  • Cost-conscious consumers aren’t retreating from private labels as recession recedes. And that’s bad news for manufacturers.
  • Consumers care less about brand names – but will that change as recession eases?
  • Oil might hog the headlines, but many experts believe water is the commodity that will become scarcest most quickly – and that’s particularly bad news for consumer goods groups.
  • Companies are turning to computer simulations to teach skills and test radical scenarios. Are they just playing around? 


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