• Industry: Agribusiness, Food, Drink & Consumer Products, Retail
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 10/12/2010


ConsumerCurrents examines topical industry issues and global trends for senior executives at consumer goods companies, suppliers and wholesalers.

ConsumerCurrents - Issue 9 

At a time when the only certain thing is change, how are consumer companies addressing the ensuing challenges and opportunities presented by these dynamics?
ConsumerCurrents - Issue 9 cover
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In this issue


  • Fonterra: The challenge of being different - exclusive interview with Fonterra's CEO Andrew Ferrier
  • Get ready for India's consumption boom
  • Getting to grips with illicit trading
  • Carrefour: The evolution of an international brand image
  • Mobile commerce is here, now
  • Prepare now for the new Revenue Standard.


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