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  • Date: 22/07/2014

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We examine the journey to improved communication with capital markets and development of better business reporting frameworks and practices.

Corporate reporting reform: Better alignment with investor decision-making 

Revised ASX Corporate Governance Principles bring all corporate reporting within the realm of director oversight, which encourages companies to streamline their corporate reporting portfolios.

KPMG Australia’s report looks at the changes and explains why investors need to be involved in developing a corporate reporting environment that best meets their needs while helping to remove clutter, duplication and misalignment across reports.


Key insights

  • Investor involvement in integrated reporting <IR> is gaining momentum.
  • The <IR> Framework is investor friendly, requiring regular engagement with investors to support the organisation in determining what is material and what is strategically important to report.
  • An integrated report is ideally suited to providing key input information for investors and analysts to use in building financial models.
  • Investors and analysts should work with companies as they review their corporate reporting portfolios under revised ASX Corporate Governance Principles, and consider the level of assurance required.

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Better business reporting

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CFOs driving the corporate reporting reform agenda

CFOs driving the corporate reporting reform agenda
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Oversight of corporate reporting by company directors
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