Banking Newsletter - December 2013

In this edition we cover social media risks, customer value proposition in a digital age, dividend washing, major banks and mutuals 2013 performance.

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Banking Newsletter - December 2013

Banking’s perfect storm 

There’s little doubt that the global banking crisis left a trail of destruction in its wake.

Nor is there any doubt that its impact is still being felt today – and exacerbated through the Glass-Steagall Act and the more recent Libor scandals.

Bill Michael, KPMG’s UK Head of Financial Services has described this perfect storm as game changer for banks around the globe, while for regulators it became a time of ‘enough is enough’.

Bill discussed this issue in his speech on 'The future shape of banking' at the 2013 BBA Annual International Banking Conference. 


His address presents an interesting vision for the UK and global banking landscape and is valuable reading when we consider the recently announced Financial System Inquiry. 


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