Private Companies – Audit 

Approached properly, financial statement audits can make a big difference to business outcomes. They verify financial results, identify risks and uncover opportunities to improve performance.

Tony Batsakis

Tony Batsakis


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It's why selecting an auditor is such an important business decision. It's certainly one that should never be made on price alone, although value for money is always an important consideration.


How we can help
The audit group within KPMG's Private Enterprise practice undertakes statutory and non-statutory financial statement audits, financial reviews and due diligence engagements for small and medium-sized businesses, public sector entities and not-for-profits.

Our audit approach examines your organisational performance in the context of your market and industry environment. We examine your financial and non-financial information flows and how these affect the financial statements.

Your KPMG auditor will stay in touch throughout the year, providing feedback on how your business decisions are affecting financial performance.


Because we adopt an industry focused approach to our audit and assurance work, we're always familiar with the important industry trends and issues that can affect your business.


We use proprietary technologies that speed up our workflows and help highlight your business' key risks and opportunities.