Meeting their accounting, reporting, compliance and tax obligations has become a major challenge for most businesses.

Stuart Rose

Stuart Rose

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Unsatisfactory accounting records not only give rise to potential compliance issues, but also deny management vital information on which to make important business decisions.


A haphazard approach to tax can result in the under-reporting of tax liabilities, the over-payment of tax, or the failure to claim deductions or concessions to which the business is entitled.


Yet many small and medium-sized businesses find it difficult to have appropriately qualified accounting and tax specialists employed full time.

How we can help
KPMG’s accounting and tax professionals augment the work of your internal accounting and bookkeeping staff.


Our accounting professionals offer accounting opinions, prepare financial statements, provide management accounting services and advise on day-to-day financial and accounting matters. They advise on protecting assets, obtaining finance, attracting equity and planning for growth.


Our tax practitioners advise on business structures, tax consolidation and profit distributions. They can assist you with income tax returns and fulfilling your GST, PAYG, FBT and payroll tax obligations.


Our approach is flexible and scalable. It means you receive the exact level of support you need — no less, no more. We can help you manage accounting and tax obligations across national borders. We can provide you with a prime, single point of contact for all accounting and tax matters.