Financial Statement Audit 

In the marketplace, credible financial audits reinforce investor confidence. Within organisations, they add to board and management understanding of the business and the risks it faces.

Duncan McLennan

Duncan McLennan

National Managing Partner, Audit and Assurance

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Penny Stragalinos

Penny Stragalinos

Chief Operating Officer, Audit and Assurance

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Accounting and Reporting Webinar Series

Our webinar series provides regular updates on the changing world of accounting and financial reporting.

We believe that independent auditors perform the valuable role of being a trusted intermediary between the providers of business information and the users of that information.


In the wake of the economic crises and scandals of the past few years, independent auditors are on the cusp of a transformative change.


Stakeholders are demanding more transparency, and we are responding – changing how we operate, being proactive in listening to our stakeholders, and embracing Data & Analytics and new processes that are enabling us to make audit more relevant and continue to raise the bar on quality.


Innovating audit

Innovation is not a concept traditionally associated with audit. But it is at the heart of our strategy in responding to the unprecedented challenges and opportunities we face as auditors. Innovations that lead to enhanced audit quality include:


  • our application of LEAN audit methodologies that don’t just focus on process controls but also on process wastage and inefficiencies
  • advanced analytical capabilities to help you unlock the power of your data.


Our Audit professionals are committed to the public interest. These experienced professionals seek to challenge assumptions and unlock valuable insights based on a thorough understanding of an organisation’s business and industry, and innovative audit methodologies and approaches.

Assurance & Related Services

Independent assurance and verification adds credibility to your organisation’s disclosures, reporting, processes and controls.

Example Financial Statement resources

KPMG produces a range or resources to assist in the preparation of annual reports in accordance with Australian financial reporting requirements.

Value of Audit

Value of Audit
To investors and companies alike, audit has consistently proven its worth. But it's time for reflection as the needs of stakeholders evolve.