Demystifying Chinese investment in Australia 

Research on the future of reciprocal trade between Australia and China written collaboratively with the University of Sydney China Studies Centre.
Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australia: May 2015 update
Chinese Investors in Australia Survey
Demystifying SOE investment in Australia
Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australia: March 2014 Update
Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australian Agribusiness
The Energy Imperative: Australia-China opportunities – Preliminary brief
Demystifying Chinese Investment
The Growing Tide
Australia & China: Future Partnerships 2011

 Case studies

University of Sydney China Studies Centre

KPMG’s Australia China Business
Practice is proudly associated
with the University of Sydney’s
China Studies Centre.


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Video: Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australia

Doug Ferguson
Doug Ferguson, National Leader, Asian Business Group provides insights into the changing nature of Chinese outbound investment in Australia.

Australia-China corridor

Australia-China corridor
The long-term demographic and social forces shaping China and its 12th Five-Year plan will greatly impact Australia's prosperity for decades to come.


Our Australia China Business Practice assists Chinese companies investing in Australia and supports Australian companies investing in China.