• Service: Audit
  • Level: Manager
  • Joined: 1999
  • Location: United Kingdom
Shan's profile

Predominately I coordinate the Audit for a major insurance client. I work just under half my time at the U.K. firm's London office, about the same at the client location, and perhaps about 10 percent of my time from home. My core team is seven people, rising to 15 during the busy season, within a wider financial services Audit department of about 100 people. As well as project meetings, research and client liaison, I also have departmental responsibilities, such as counselling nine staff.


What attracted you to KPMG?

I joined in September 1999 on the graduate training program. I actually received offers from the 'Big Five' as it was then. The one key thing that differentiated KPMG from the others was the people. Throughout the recruitment process the people were always distinctively friendly and were people that I could associate with. It was also refreshing to see that such a reputable organisation actually takes out time to help those in the community who are not as fortunate as us.


How has work been?

My experience with KPMG to date has been excellent. We are all working hard but not at the cost of trampling over other people. There is no back-stabbing. People are genuinely there to do a good job and work together as a team. The training has also been excellent throughout. KPMG member firms financially invest a great deal to help ensure individuals can continually develop themselves. Also, you get so many opportunities to try out different things. Also, what is amazing is how you quickly get a lot of responsibility within your first year of joining a KPMG member firm.


What key lessons have you learned from clients?

They are working towards the same goal as you and in order to ensure success you have to collaborate and work effectively together.


Have you taken advantage of flexible working policies?

I have indeed. I am a working mother and this demands you to be flexible. Whenever possible, I try to work from home and sometimes I start later so that I can take my son to nursery in the mornings. Everyone in my department has been really supportive.


Do you take part in any charitable activity or community involvement?

I have been involved in many community days where we have assisted run-down schools in renovating the place for deprived children. I achieve an enormous amount of personal satisfaction. It's amazing when you see the children's happiness.

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