• Service: Tax
  • Level: Executive
  • Joined: 2006
  • Location: Australia

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Hi I’m Matt, I’m in Corporate Tax.


Most interesting project

When I started as a graduate, I jumped onto a project that was in relation to the relocation of a wholesale fruit and vegetable market from one location to another. This project involved really interesting things such as liaising with the state government, liaising with the tenants of the existing market, as well as liaising with potential private equity partners.


Joining KPMG

When I was applying as a uni-leaver to all the ‘Big 4’, to me they all seemed the same. What really differentiated KPMG from the other ‘Big 4’ was the culture, and I got an indication of the culture through people who I knew worked at KPMG and also the people I met through the recruiting process.



In Corporate Tax we have what’s known as ‘Tax principles’, which is an in-house program which runs for 4years. This training is fantastic because it gives you a really solid foundation in not only the area that you work in but also all the areas of tax law.


Social events

Oh, there’s lots and lots of social events at work — they’re never ending. We obviously have our own Social Club at KPMG and then of course we have the firm-wide party which is generally at the Hyatt which is an ‘all-in’ event which is brilliant.

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