• Service: Tax
  • Level: Manager
  • Joined: 2008
  • Location: Australia
Dilan's profile

Dilan completed a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Genetics) and a Bachelor of Laws at Monash University. He commenced his career as a summer vacationer in 2006-07 and accepted a graduate position at KPMG in 2008.


Why did you choose to apply to your business group?

Having a non-commerce background, the move into Tax was quite a deviation from my expected career path. My interest in tax developed through studies of tax law at University, however, the final decision to start working in the Tax practice at KPMG is based on my positive experiences with the people I spoke to from the Tax group.


How would you describe the work you do to someone outside the firm?

Most work performed by Corporate Tax can be split into two broad categories, compliance and advisory services. Compliance services involves preparation of distribution statements and tax returns among other things, whilst advisory services broadly includes tax structuring/planning advice and consideration of specific tax technical issues.


What is your average week like?

One of the best things about working in Corporate Tax is that each week is different from the last, depending on what projects are in motion and what deadlines are approaching. Generally there is a good mix between compliance and advisory services, however this mix really depends on the time of the year and the economic climate.


Why do you think KPMG is a good place to be a graduate?

KPMG is a good place to be as a graduate for four key reasons. Firstly, as a graduate, not only do you have the opportunity to work with large international companies, but also to learn from experienced professionals who are leaders in their respective fields. Secondly, KPMG offers extensive training (both internal and external). Thirdly, there is great potential for career advancement. Finally, KPMG hires a large pool of graduates in any given year, meaning that the first year of working also involves a great deal of socialising.


What are your goals for the future?

My short term goal is to complete my Chartered Accountant studies in the next year. Beyond that I hope to have the opportunity to travel and work overseas through a KPMG secondment or Tax Trek.


What sort of training have you done?

Training programs that I have completed during my time at KPMG include the Graduate Certificate of Chartered Accounting Foundations, tax principles training, fortnightly tax industry and sector training and other generic training courses (such as Excel, Word etc).


What has been the most interesting thing you have been involved in during your time at KPMG?

The most interesting thing I have been involved in was a piece of tax structuring advice for a global private equity firm looking to invest into an Australian listed entity. This project involved multiple KPMG offices around the world and cross-divisional collaboration in the Melbourne office. It provided very interesting perspectives on the one transaction.

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