• Service: Advisory
  • Level: Manager
  • Joined: 2005
  • Location: Australia

Text version:

Hi my name’s Adrian everyone calls me ‘AJ’. I’m in our Advisory practice.


Most memorable experience

I would have to say my most memorable experience at KPMG so far, was being sent to L.A. a few years ago. Being sent to another country and embedded in their culture — having an apartment in a little town called Pasadena just outside of L.A. and getting to experience that social side of the team so going out and hanging out with different people.


I had a room-mate who was from KPMG in Italy so the two of us together, getting to see the new town. Finishing up work early one night and going to see the Lakers play was just incredible. You really can’t get much better than that.


Most interesting project

My most interesting project at KPMG so far would have to be one I’ve started fairly recently which is working with a client to look at expanding their business from Australia and into the Asia region.


Interesting for a number of reasons; looking at the different business cultures in those countries; looking at supplier relationships; customers and how they can take that business and adapt it into those market places — has just been a really good learning experience, and something I’ll take with me for a long time.


Joining KPMG

So, it wasn’t so much the reasons ‘why’ I joined but probably why I’m still here today that really matter — and that’s the people you get to work with.


The whole experience is just diverse, from the clients you get to work with, the types of clients, on the types of projects and situations those clients are facing. The people you work with internally, so working with all the different practices within KPMG and bringing that together to provide our client with value at the end of the day.


They’re probably the reasons I’m still here.



When you join KPMG the training you get is incredible. Not just from when you start your career but all the way through it at different levels and as you progress.


I remember when I first joined, I’d come straight out of high school, so I was your fairly unpolished professional. In the first couple of weeks the training courses they put you through really prepare you for your career.


I remember when I first started we had a 2 hour class on ‘how to shake someone’s hand properly’.


Then you get into the more technical training, so, how to interview the client, how to make sure you get the right answers for the questions you need for your projects, all the way through to business writing and communication.


Social events

It was really interesting, a few months ago I took a Facebook quiz of all things — and it was, Which consulting firm should you work for? It was comparing the ‘Big 4’ firms.


Luckily I got the answer KPMG, which is probably a good situation for me to be in. It came with a tagline at the end of the quiz ‘When you join KPMG you don’t just get a career you get a life’. And that’s really true of our social culture here at the firm. When you join you feel part of a team and that team it just bonds and gels.


When you go out from our formal events like the end of financial year ball, were we go to Crown Palladium and it’s almost like the 'Brownlow style' night all the way through to our Christmas party which is a bit more relaxed and we are just celebrating the years achievement with a big party.

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