Angus Reynolds on Corporates


Angus Reynolds on Corporates

We are now moving from a period of cost cutting and deferred plans to one of higher investor confidence.

Organisations are now in a better position to actively enhance their competitive advantage, deliver shareholder value and, importantly, focus on growth.

However, even as the economic outlook improves and more opportunities appear, the challenges facing a broad range of sectors, including telecommunications, consumer products, retail and industrial manufacturing are becoming increasingly complex.

These, to name just a few, include increased globalisation, a rise in consumer choice and a high Aussie dollar (that is still making it hard for exporters and creating a greater propensity for parallel imports) – and they're all impacting businesses in these sectors and will continue to do so in the short to mid-term.


"Our supportive, client-focussed environment is key to delivering exceptional value."
Angus Reynolds
National Partner in Charge,

No value, no deal

The pressure is on to continuously find new ways to create and deliver value for shareholders.

With this in mind, constantly striving to be more productive, innovative, customer-centric and agile is high on the priority list for anyone wanting to stay competitive in an ever increasing global market place.

It's a multi-faceted challenge that requires businesses to embrace change. To continuously enhance, if not transform, how they operate. Find new and innovative approaches to financing. Create a compelling point of difference from their competitors. Secure new sources of growth, and execute smart corporate transactions that deliver the promised value from start to finish.

Ultimately, businesses must effectively deal with an ever growing range of strategic choices and paths that are available to them at any given time.

A strategic, collaborate approach

When key strategic decisions can have a significant and long term impact on a business, it's fundamentally important that each is approached with inspired and diverse thinking. Finding the right answers is not always easy or clear.

I'm a true believer that better solutions come from harnessing collective expertise.

It's something I'm proud to be a part of at KPMG where our collegiate, supportive and client-focused environment enables us to constantly bring a range of disciplines and cross-industry perspectives together. It allows us to help our clients solve some very complex challenges, deliver exceptional value and provide new perspectives and approaches that go beyond the obvious.

As a competitive rower for many years I definitely understand the benefits of harnessing the collective strengths of a team. When everyone is working in synergy to achieve the best possible result it's amazing what can be accomplished.

In the coming years it will be this level of focus and teamwork that helps businesses respond to some of their most complex challenges and turn potential problems into great opportunities.

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