Brave New Thinking

Brave New Thinking 

The way of the future is not necessarily an extension of what has happened in the past. This is the era of breakpoint thinking; a chaotic fusion of ideas and connections.

If breakpoint thinking is a step-change to prosperity, then how might the Australian nation or indeed a corporation cultivate this thinking? R&D is part of the story but so too is a tolerant and supportive culture that celebrates lateral thinking. 

How do organisations encourage and support brave new thinking to survive and thrive in volatile times?


These are the topics we explore in Brave New Thinking.


Brave New Thinking


Social Media as an Influencer of Growth

Audio featuring:

  • Malcolm Alder, Partner Digital Economy, KPMG
  • Bernard Salt, Partner in Charge Demographics, KPMG and
  • Greg Daniel, Executive Chairman, SR7


Social Media: From Fad to Fundamental
Malcolm Alder, Partner Digital Economy, KPMG


Boosting Australia’s Productivity: How technology and innovation can drive growth
Audit featuring Nicki Hutley, Chief Economist, KPMG


The Australian Productivity Story: Can there be a happy ending?

Nicki Hutley, Chief Economist, KPMG


The Digital Economy
Audio featuring; Adam Bates, Global Head of Innovation KPMG and James Scott, Partner Innovation, KPMG in Australia

Entrepreneurship in a Digital Economy

James Scott, Partner Innovation, KPMG

Virtual Health Services Boost Productivity

Shane Solomon, Partner in Charge Healthcare, KPMG


Improving Performance in Healthcare

KPMG alliance with Dr Foster Intelligence

Renewable Energy: The future is tidal
KPMG Client, Elemental Energy Technologies

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Business impacts of cloud

Business impacts of cloud
Cloud is creating new business opportunities for companies that are willing to harness its power.