Recognising individual contributions 

KPMG offers many programs to our people to enable them to be involved in their communities across our Corporate Citizenship portfolio of non-profit partnerships.

KPMG understands that our people have their own individual passions and interests in the community, which is why we offer the following programs to recognise and support their individual efforts.


Some of the programs we offer include Volunteering and our Workplace Giving program.


National Chairman's Citizenship Awards

KPMG offers an internal program to recognise the community achievements of our people. The National Chairman's Citizenship Awards are the highest honour KPMG bestows upon our people who demonstrate that we each have the power and potential to make a real difference in our communities. Recipients of this prestigious award are also provided with a grant to go towards a non-profit organisation of their choice.


Volunteering at KPMG

KPMG offers a Volunteering program for our people to undertake a range of projects and activities for grass-roots community organisations.


Our volunteers have prepared meals for the homeless, exercised and helped with the training of assistance dogs, and made over gardens for the elderly and disabled, to name just a few of these activities.


Community Volunteer Leave policy

KPMG offers our people one day of paid leave to volunteer for their favourite community organisation.


Honorary work

KPMG has a long tradition of undertaking honorary or pro-bono work. The firm's honorary work policy supports not-for-profit organisations that align with KPMG's Corporate Citizenship focus areas of Education, Environment, Social Inclusion and Health.


National Chairman's Citizenship Awards

National Chairman's Citizenship Awards
The National Chairman's Awards recognise and celebrate excellence and leadership in the citizenship endeavours of our KPMG people.