According to the International Monetary Fund, seven of the 10 fastest-growing economies in 2011 are African. This underlines the continent’s investment potential as, finally, promise is turned into reality by a combination of sound economic reform and improving democratic credentials.
Africa Priority Industries

The African Development Bank estimates that African annual expenditure will reach US$2.2 trillion by 2030 if its economies maintain the five percent-plus annual growth rates of the past two decades. There are two mega-trends shaping investment-hungry Africa, namely the limitless global demand for Africa’s abundant resources and the consumer-based demand resulting from Africa’s rapidly growing 1 billion-plus population.


The reality is that the ‘Great Africa business migration’ has begun, whether among existing players moving into new markets across Africa or new entrants in search of resources to fuel their own growth. The question on every investor’s mind is how to take advantage of the Africa opportunity – confidently, comprehensively and on time. It is imperative to have a clear strategy for harnessing these opportunities, which begins with understanding, a common vision and the benefits of shared experience.


In essence, the migration of business into Africa is no different from the great animal migration that the continent is famous for – the continent’s business landscape demands and displays the same single-mindedness and determination to survive that the migrating herds demonstrate.


KPMG Africa Limited has the pan-African and in-country strategic corporate intelligence to help our firms' clients filter through the strategic opportunities and focus on investment decisions, particularly in the areas of greatest opportunity. Because we have a deep understanding of the complexities of the continent, we can help clients navigate the migration successfully, so that they survive and thrive. We know the terrain, we know where to go and we know how to get there.


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